is pioneering AI software that will ensure you have the security images you need.
Get an automated alert for any compromised view.

Even the best security camera system WILL have view problems

The worst time to find camera view problems is after an incident !

Your cameras
Camera view goes bad without warning


automatically identifies problems and notifies you so you can be proactive about your camera view maintenance
identifies camera view problems
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Why check the security camera image?

Each year,50% of cameraswill have a view problem

It might happen due to :

Can you afford not having these videos !?

The Solution:

is Artificial Intelligence, low-cost, easy to use, and highly accurate solution.

automatically inspects each camera and alerts you when the view is compromised by:

▪ Blur ▪ Tilt ▪ Tamper ▪ Obstruction ▪ Glare ▪ Black/blank screen ▪ More on request


's simple user interface saves operators' time by streamlining the camera inspection process. You will also get reports, alerts, statistics and even work orders to make correcting your cameras’ wellness easy.
Ai-RGUS Dashboard

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Solution Benefits

Avoid liability & protect your brand with, our AI-based security camera view inspection software

Reduced Liability

Minimize the risk of missing crucial footage needed to win a lawsuit

Peace of mind

Remove guesswork from your camera system’s status with regular and consistent inspections


Enable hassle-free camera system growth with quick and frequent AI inspection

More functionality available upon request

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is AI-software developed for Duke U. to automatically verify that security cameras continue to produce their intended video to improve safety and security on premises.